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Press review

14.11.2017 - The FDPIC has just released the latest press review.

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Press review
Valid from 14.11.2017 | Size: 6146 kb | Type: PDF

Notes on the Dispatch of 15.9.2017 concerning the complete revision of the Federal Data Protection Act: the FDPIC's general assessment

15.09.2017-The rapid development of information and telecommunications technology and the related digitalisation of society have required the Council of Europe and the European Union to further develop their data protection legislation, and have now necessitated the complete revision of the Federal Data Protection Act, which originally came into force in 1993. The draft act prepared by the Federal Council has the aim of increasing the protection of data by improving the transparency of data processing and increasing the options that data subjects have to control their own data. In addition, the revision of the Act should ensure consistency between the level of data protection in Switzerland and that in the EU. Having a level of data protection that is comparable with that in EU states is particularly important for Swiss businesses, especially because the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), which comes into force at the end of May 2018, will have a direct effect on many Swiss enterprises.

Guide to the Swiss-US Privacy Shield

22.08.17 - The FDPIC has elaborated a practical brochure to the Swiss-US Privacy Shield. It provides information on the company's obligations and the rights of persons whose data is processed as well as how they can complain.

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Swiss-US Privacy Shield Guide
Last modification: 22.08.2017 | Size: 172 kb | Type: PDF

Annual report 2016/2017

26.06.2017 - The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner presents his new annual report for the period from 1st of April 2016 to 31st March 2017.

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Media release FDPIC annual conference 2017
Last modification: 27.06.2017 | Size: 153 kb | Type: PDF

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Summary Annual report 2016/2017
Last modification: 26.06.2017 | Size: 36 kb | Type: PDF

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