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Email scanning on behalf of the intelligence services – the service providers’ answers

17.11.16 - According to reports in the media, Yahoo is alleged to have systematically scanned all of its customers' emails for character sets using a specially developed software tool on behalf of the US intelligence services. In Switzerland any such measure would infringe the personal rights of those concerned, as well as telecommunications secrecy. The FDPIC therefore called on Yahoo and six other email service providers to state whether they had applied such a procedure. It has since received responses from Yahoo, Apple, Google, Microsoft, UPC, Swisscom and Sunrise.

Yahoo rejects the accusations and considers the media reports to be misleading. All of the companies contacted stated that they have not systematically scanned or transmitted the contents of any emails of Swiss customers on behalf of the US or any other foreign authorities.

Press review

15.11.2016 - The FDPIC has just released the latest press review.

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Press review
mid-October - mid-November
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End of the free upgrade to Windows 10 – statement by the FDPIC

21.07.2016 - According to an announcement by Microsoft, the free upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system will be available until the end of July 2016. Find out more about the statement by the FDPIC here.

Annual report 2015/2016

27.06.2016 - The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner presents his new annual report for the period from 1st of April 2015 to 31st March 2016.

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Press review
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Summary of selected topics in the 23rd Annual Report
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Safe Harbor judgment of the European Court of Justice: opinion of the FDPIC

07.10.2015 - In its judgment issued yesterday, the European Court of Justice declared the Safe Harbor data protection agreement between Europe and the USA to be invalid. The ECJ held that the transmission of personal data to the USA under the Safe Harbor Agreement regime is problematic. The agreement between Switzerland and the USA is also called into question by this decision. As far as Switzerland is concerned, in the event of renegotiation, only an internationally coordinated approach that includes the EU is appropriate.

In the meantime, the FDPIC would stress that when dealing with modern means of communication, the use of certain tools and the disclosure of personal data  should always be approached with caution. If data has to be stored externally, it should wherever possible be stored by European providers on servers in Europe. Swiss businesses and authorities that use products and services provided by American companies should enter into additional agreements to secure better protection for the persons concerned and their data.

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