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Data Protection

Questions on data protection

Take a look at our FAQ or call our hotline.

Report of violation of data protection regulations (for data subjects)

Are you personally affected by a data protection violation and would like to report it to us?

Report of violation of data protection regulations (for third parties)

You would like to report a data protection violation that does not affect you personally?

Contact for data controllers

You are a data controller and would like to contact us.

Freedom of Information


Frequently asked questions about the implementation of the FoIA (German only)

Contact form application for access of FDPIC

As a federal authority, the FDPIC is also subject to the FoIA. To obtain access to official FDPIC documents, you can use this contact form.

Contact form for Schengen/Dublin concerns

Have you been affected by a data breach in connection with Schengen/Dublin and would like to report it to us?

Contact form other concerns

Would you like to tell us something else?

Contact form for media

You are a journalist and need a statement of the FDPIC?


Here you can download all documents sorted by topics.

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