Investigation regarding Windows 10

Last year Microsoft launched the Windows 10 operating system. When this was introduced, our attention was drawn to the data processing involved and we subsequently looked into this more closely. We paid particularly close attention to the information provided by the system users and the consent they give.

Following the launch of Windows 10, we considered Microsoft's data processing more closely and ascertained that during the installation process users are offered ‘express settings' when selecting the ‘Get going fast' option, and with these settings almost all data transfer and access processes are activated as standard. This means that location details, wifi networks recognised in the vicinity of the Windows 10 user, browser and search history, speech, handwriting and keyboard entries, and feedback and diagnostics data are sent to Microsoft.

Based on these findings we launched an investigation into the circumstances and sent Microsoft a list of questions on Windows 10 data processing in order ascertain the extent of the transmitted data and whether the users are given sufficiently clear information and are able to clearly give their consent to the processing of their data. The investigations were still in progress when this report was finalised.