Press Releases 2009

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Agreement concerning Google Street View

Bern, 17.12.2009 - On Wednesday, Google and Hanspeter Thuer, the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) came, against the background of the pending law suit against Google Street View, to an agreement.

Street View: FDPIC takes Google to the Federal Administrative Court

Bern, 13.11.2009 - In his recommendation of 11 September 2009, the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, Hanspeter Thür, requested Google to take various measures to protect personal privacy in its Street View online service. Google has however refused to implement the majority of the measures recommended. As a result, the FDPIC is now taking the matter to the Federal Administrative Court.

16th Report on Activities

Bern, 29.06.2009 - Over the course of last year, the FDPIC (Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner) dealt with a number of issues which included: concluding a safe harbor agreement with the USA; observing the developments of modern network-based video surveillance systems; carrying out supervisory and information activities in conjunction with the implementation of the Schengen agreement; holding discussions on the implementation of a pay-as-you-drive-system and the installation of black boxes in motor vehicles; issuing a recommendation on a tenant verification service; and giving his opinion on the revision of the debt collection and bankruptcy laws.