Registering a data file - reporting inventories

When the new Data Protection Act (FADP) comes into force on 1 September 2023, the procedure for registering data files with the FDPIC will undergo a change. From this date onwards, only federal bodies will have to report their data processing activities to the FDPIC. Private individuals and entities are exempted from the obligation to report.


Federal bodies have to report their data processing activities to the FDPIC (under the new law: entries from the inventory of processing activities in accordance with Article 12 FADP). Under Article 56 of the new FADP, the FDPIC will publish the activities reported by federal bodies in a publicly accessible register, DataReg.
Until the new FADP comes into force, the FDPIC will maintain two registers for a short period – the new DataReg for reports from federal bodies in accordance with the new law, and the current register for reports from private individuals and entities in accordance with the law that applies at present.

Reports from federal bodies

Under the new Data Protection Act, the obligation to report applies only to the inventories of federal bodies. To prepare for the future, the FDPIC has created a completely new reporting portal for this purpose. The data from federal bodies was migrated to the new reporting portal,, in autumn 2022; since then, federal bodies have had to use this new portal for reporting inventory entries.

 If you are a federal body and would like to obtain user access in order to enter and maintain inventory entries for your federal body or department, please contact us by e-mail

Reports from private individuals and entities

The existing register at is used by private individuals and entities to register data files in accordance with the current Article 11a FADP. Until the new FADP comes into force, the FDPIC will accept the reports there and publish details of the data files reported by private individuals and entities. This register will be deactivated and the data archived/deleted on 1 September 2023. From then on, there will be no legal requirement for private individuals and entities to report data files.

You will find a summary of the rules currently in force in the German, French or Italian section of this website.
(For registering data collections, use the forms in German, French or Italian. Please refer to the corresponding page.)

Last modification 17.04.2023

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