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Transborder data flows

The Swiss data protection law guarantees the protection of the private sphere for data processing carried out by persons in Switzerland. However, when data is transmitted abroad, an adequate level of its protection has to be provided for thereabouts.

The current regulations are as follows:
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Transborder data transfers briefly explained
Last modification: 27.03.2017 | Size: 54 kb | Type: PDF

Certain data transmissions abroad must be announced to the FDPIC. Under certain circumstances, transmission is only allowed after concluding a special agreement. In some countries, transmission is problem-free to a great extent. The following list shows the levels of data protection worldwide:
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List of countries (in French)
Last modification: 12.01.2017 | Size: 124 kb | Type: PDF

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The Council of Europe's model contract
Last modification: 13.05.2009 | Size: 71 kb | Type: PDF

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Guide of the Council of Europe
Last modification: 13.05.2009 | Size: 88 kb | Type: PDF

Further information

If you are a responsible for a database yourself, please find more information on the topic in the respective chapters in the following publications (in German, French or Italian):

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