Welcome to the FDPIC

As an independent authority, the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) is responsible for tasks in the following areas:

Data protection

The FDPIC oversees the application of federal data protection regulations.

Freedom of Information

As Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), the FDPIC is the mediation body for access to official documents.

New Data Protection Act

On September 1, 2023, the totally revised federal data protection act will come into force.

The website content in the data protection section has already been adapted in line with the new legal requirements.  

Everything about the new law

The current law remains in force until 31.08.23. You can find the relevant legal basis here.

Press releases

Java script is required to display press releases. If you are unable or unwilling to activate Java script you may use the link below to access the Federal Administration News Portal, where you can read the announcements.

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Cross-border transfer of personal data

The cross-border transfer of personal data is subject to special rules. The following must be considered before data is transferred to other countries.


Health data are particularly worthy of protection and are subject to stricter requirements when being processed.

Internet & Technology

Digitization and new technologies not only create benefits, but also bring new risks to privacy.

Access to official documents

Anyone has the right to inspect official documents and to request information about the content of such documents. Access to official documents is subject to a pre-defined procedure that is regulated in the Freedom of Information Act.

Mediation proceedings

If applicants do not agree with the treatment of their application for access by the autority, or if third parties, that have been consulted do not agree with the autority's intention to grant access, they may file a request for mediation with the FDPIC.

FAQ data protection

Answers to common questions about data protection and privacy.


Here you can download all documents sorted by topics.