Eurodac Supervision Coordination Group

The Eurodac Supervision Coordination Group (Eurodac SCG) is a forum that allows data protection authorities responsible for the supervision of the Eurodac information system to collaborate. The SCG Eurodac consists of one representative of each Member State's data protection authority and the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). The SCG Eurodac administrative services are provided by the EDPS.

Eurodac is a large database containing the fingerprints of applicants for asylum and of illegal immigrants found within the EU. The database helps to ensure the effective application of the Dublin Convention on handling claims for asylum. The EDPS reviews the processing of personal data in the database (central unit) and its transmission to the Member States. Data protection authorities in the Member States supervise the processing of data by the national authorities, and the transmission of this data to the central unit.

Eurodac SCG is responsible for coordinating supervisory activities and common inspections, ensuring conformity with the data protection rules in the Eurodac Regulation and issuing recommendations for member states and the central unit. During regular meetings, participants exchange experiences, discuss problems and look for solutions relating to the functioning of Eurodac. Representatives of the European Commission services and the European Union eu-LISA agency also take part in these meetings.

Follow the link below for more information on Eurodac SCG. You can download the Regulation establishing Eurodac, activity reports, inspection reports, etc:

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