Swiss Data Protection Authorities Coordination Group for the Implementation of the Schengen Association Agreement

Article 55 of the Ordinance on the National Section of the Schengen Information System (N-SIS) and the SIRENE Bureau (not available in English) states that the cantonal data protection authorities and the FDPIC shall actively cooperate within the framework of their respective responsibilities and shall ensure the coordinated supervision of the processing of personal data. On the basis of this legal provision, the FDPIC decided to form a coordination group with the Swiss data protection authorities for the implementation of the Schengen association agreement (coordination group).

The coordination group is a platform allowing cantonal and federal data protection authorities to work together within the remit of their respective monitoring of data processing carried out in applying the Schengen association agreement. Acting in respect of each of its members' competences, the coordination group has the following main duties: exchanging the information necessary for effective monitoring of the processing of personal data contained in databases in the Schengen area; examining difficulties in the interpretation or application of legal provisions; studying problems which may arise during monitoring activities or in the exercise of data subjects' rights; formulating coordinated proposals or opinions with the aim of finding shared solutions; supporting and coordinating the surveillance activities of each member.

The coordination group consists of one representative of each cantonal data protection authority and a representative of the FDPIC, which provides the administrative services.

At the meeting on 12 November 2009, the coordination group adopted its rules of organisation and procedure.