Biometric data

Introduction of biometric data in identity documents

The circumscribed and regulated use of biometric data to facilitate authentication during ID checks and for greater security in identity documents does not run counter to data protection principles. By contrast, the use of such data for identification purposes is more problematic and raises a number of concerns.

Verification of the use of biometrics during check-in and boarding at Zurich Kloten airport

The Secure Check pilot project was carried out at Zurich Kloten airport from December 2004 to mid-April 2005. The aim of the project was to improve the verification of passenger data as well as their travel documents upon departure by means of biometric data and to reduce waiting time at the security checkpoints. Our inspections of the biometric system used during check-in and boarding procedures allow us to issue a generally positive assessment. Nevertheless, the use of biometrics at Zurich Kloten airport does raise some fundamental issues.

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