Audio and video conferencing systems

Measures for the safe use of audio and video conferencing systems 

01.05.2020 - The coronavirus pandemic is showing people all over Switzerland and, indeed, the world how a single event can completely change our surroundings and the way we do things. From one day to the next, it was no longer possible for us to meet friends and family in person, or exchange information with colleagues and hold meetings at our offices. In our work and in our private lives, we have abruptly switched to digital solutions such as audio or video conferencing systems. Despite the rush with which business meetings, children’s ‘visits’ with their grandparents, or even parties have been moved online, we must not forget how important information security and data protection continue to be.

The first part of this information sheet lists measures we recommend you take to ensure that the audio or video conferencing system you are using during this crisis is safe. You should make sure to reassess your choice of service – either immediately or at a later point in time – by carrying out a risk analysis according to data protection criteria. If necessary, choose a different service more suitable to your needs. This information sheet also contains a list of points to observe when setting up and introducing an audio or video conferencing system, to ensure it complies with data protection guidelines 

The information sheet deals with exactly these issues, and is aimed at all user groups – both in business and in private life.


Joint statement on global privacy expectations of video teleconferencing companies

The FDPIC, in cooperation with five other data protection authorities from other countries, gave the video conference companies Microsoft, Google, Cisco and Zoom the opportunity to present their conference platforms and join an open dialogue. During the exchange, the authorities focused on the topics of security, privacy by design and default, know your audience, transparency and end-user control.

The joint statement with possible "best practices" emerged from the meetings. The document is not exhaustive and companies with corresponding offers must of course observe the data protection provisions applicable in Switzerland and the explanations of the FDPIC on the transfer of data abroad (Transborder data flows (

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