Data protection concerns

The Commissioner identifies the following nine aspects as key privacy concerns:



Fair information

Companies and federal bodies provide transparent information on their data processing: comprehensible and complete.

Freedom of Choice

Those affected from data processing (data subjects) give their consent on the basis of transparent information and are provided with genuine freedom of choice.

Risk analysis

The possible data protection risks are already identified in the project and their effects minimized with measures.

Data correctness

The processing takes place with applicable data.


No data collection on stock, but only as far as necessary to achieve the purpose. Data processing is limited in scope and time.


The data will be processed only for the purpose indicated at the time of collection, as indicated by the circumstances or as provided for by law.

Data security

The data processor ensures adequate security of personal data – both at the technical and organizational level.


All data processing is documented and classified by the data processor.


Private and federal bodies are responsible for fulfilling their obligation to comply with data protection legislation.

Last modification 17.06.2019

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