Information for data controller

Information for data controller

You can use this form to send the following information or documents to the FDPIC. You can also use this form if you would like advice as a data controller under Art. 58 para. 1 let. a FADP:

  • Data protection clauses in an agreement (Art. 16 para. 2 let. b FADP)
  • Specific guarantees (Art. 16 para. 2 let. c FADP)
  • Standard data protection clauses* (Art. 16 para. 2 let. d FADP)
  • Binding corporate rules* (Art. 16 para. 2 let. e FADP)
  • Code of conduct* (Art. 11 FADP)
  • Data protection impact assessment* (Art. 23 FADP)
  • Advice* (Art. 58 para. 1 let. a FADP)

* The FDPIC charges private data controllers for these services. The fee is calculated on the basis of the time taken and the hourly rate is between 150 and 250 Swiss francs (Art. 59 FADP in conjunction with Art. 44 FADP).

For reports of data security violations under Art. 24 FADP, please use our reporting portal.

Last modification 31.08.2023

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