8th Annual Report 2000/2001

Below you will find a selection of the articles included in the FDIPC's 8th annual report. If you are interested in the complete versions of the reports, please refer to the corresponding pages in German or French.


The progressively networked information society and widespread use of the Internet have accentuated the threat to privacy. Numerous surveys and studies have shown that it is primarily due to the new technologies, in conjunction with a lack of controls, that personal data is open to abuse by third parties.

Necessary elements for grant of a quality label in e-commerce from the point of view of the data protection law

The global character of electronic commerce (e-commerce) entails an intensive exchange of personal data that may infringe the privacy of the persons concerned. Consequently it is extremely important that the fundamental principles of data protection are also applied in the environment of e-commerce.

Alternative mechanisms for conflict solution in the environment of online transactions - Conference in The Hague

11th/12th December 2000 an OECD conference was held in The Hague on mechanisms for conflict solution between enterprises and consumers in the environment of online transactions. Various models for the solution of conflicts and disputes in the networked world were presented at the conference. It was acknowledged that universal criteria are necessary to realise the online settlement of disputes worldwide effectively. For this a joint policy is required which should increase consumer confidence in e-commerce by means of effective and fair online settlement of dispute.

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