11.05.2023 - FDPIC launches new website

FDPIC launches new website

11.05.2023 - The FDPIC has updated the content of its website ahead of the new Data Protection Act coming into force on 1 September 2023. At the same time, it is launching the ‘DataBreach Portal’ for reporting security vulnerabilities.

When the new Data Protection Act (FADP) comes into force on 1 September 2023, the FDPIC will have new powers and responsibilities. All the content of the new website is geared towards the new FADP. A special section with explanatory fact sheets set outs the new principles and the rights and obligations under the new legislation (e.g. the extension of the right to information and the duty to provide information). 

The FAQs answer the questions most commonly asked by members of the public, such as those related to video surveillance or publishing photographs on social media. In addition to media releases, the FDPIC regularly issues brief reports commenting on current events. The website will be continuously updated to include the latest topics.

However, some functions will only be activated when the new law comes into force. These include the facility to submit a code of conduct to the FDPIC.

The 'DataBreach' reporting portal

From 1 September 2023, data controllers must report a data breach to the FDPIC as soon as possible if it is likely to result in a high risk to the personality or fundamental rights of the data subject. An electronic reporting form will be provided so that information on data breaches can be submitted quickly and securely. The reporting portal is already online so that data controllers can align their processes with the required data. 

Last modification 16.05.2023

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