08.09.2023 - Switzerland ratifies the Convention 108+

Switzerland ratifies the Convention 108+

08.09.2023 - At the meeting in Bern, President Berset presented the Council of Europe's secretary general with the instrument of ratification confirming Switzerland's adoption of the modernised Convention on Data Protection of 1981 (Convention 108). The amending protocol (Convention 108+) is intended to respond to the challenges resulting from the use of new information and communication technologies.

As the only legally binding international instrument for the protection of personal data, Convention 108 plays a crucial role in promoting the right to privacy worldwide. The modernised convention (Convention 108+) will reinforce this role, but it will not enter into force until it has been ratified by 38 States Parties. The Convention and the amending protocol are open to states that are not members of the Council of Europe and so also have an impact beyond Europe.

Last modification 08.09.2023

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