Extension of investigation activities to Xplain AG

Bern, 14.07.2023 - The FDPIC extends its investigative activities to Xplain AG.

According to its press release of 21 June 2023, the FDPIC opened a formal investigation on 20 June 2023 against the Federal Offices of Police and Customs and Border Security for, among other reasons, the data security breach reported in connection with Xplain AG. In the meantime, the FDPIC has become aware of further information on this incident, which has prompted him to extend his investigative activities to the company Xplain on 13 July 2023.

Further information on the pending proceedings cannot be provided at this time.

Address for enquiries

Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), Tel. +41 58 464 94 10, info@edoeb.admin.ch


Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner

Last modification 16.05.2023

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