Sample letters

Sample letters

Sample letters for mediation procedures’

If you have requested access to information or are directly affected by a request for access to information and you do not agree with the authority's decision, you can ask the FDPIC for a mediation. The FDPIC only takes action if requested to do so. The aim of mediation is to resolve conflicts as quickly and constructively as possible. Mediation is free of charge.
A request for mediation can be submitted in the following cases: 

Requests for mediation must be submitted within 20 days of receipt of the authority's response or after expiry of the statutory deadline for a response. The application must be submitted in writing (e-mail is sufficient). Feel free to use the sample letters in the links. 
Please include copies of any correspondence with the authority (e.g. access request, comments from the authority) in your mediation request. The more information you include in your mediation request, the more efficiently the FDPIC can begin the mediation procedure.

Last modification 05.04.2023

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