French-Speaking Association of Personal Data Protection Authorities (AFAPDP)

The first conference of the French-speaking Data Protection Authorities took place on 24th September 2007 in Montreal, dealing with the topic «Data Protection – essential for democracy and development». The conference approved the foundation of the French-Speaking Association of Personal Data Protection Authorities. The aims of this association are, in particular, to launch a debate about the challenges facing data protection in the French-speaking area, as well as the creation of a network for exchange and cooperation amongst the independent data protection authorities.

12th General assembly 18 October 2018 in Paris

11th General assembly 5 September 2017 in Gammarth, Tunisia

10th General assembly 23 September 2016

9th General assembly 25 June 2015

8th General assembly 10 - 26 September 2014

7th General assembly on 22 november 2013

6th General assembly on 23 november 2012

5th General assembly on 31th october 2011

4th General assembly on 30th november 2010

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